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Company : Lolo Group Beijing Goldsun Food Co., Ltd

Address : shiyijing road, Tianjin, Tianjin, China

Country : China

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Description : TFounded in 2006. The main business includes food, garment, being agent for import and export of all kinds of products. We have the manufatory of organic almond powder and oil design and sample making center which provides the designing and sample making services for our company and other food & garment import and export enterprises. For many years, our marketing scope involves many countries and regions, such as: America, Europe, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Korea. We received praises and trust from many clients at home and abroad.

At present, in order to adapt to the development of the time, â??seize the chance and multiply the situationâ??, our company timely adjusts the industrial structure, and convert into four integrated areas from single export, which includes export, import, brand sale in domestic market, income from property. We develop the four areas simultaneously and our products also include bedding, travel products, light industrial products, mechanical and electrical products, pharmaceutical chemicals, building materials and other products which build the platform of our food and gament company.

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Category : export, men,women tee shirts, polo shirts, shirts, jeans and other clothes. gifts, organic almond oil, organic almond powder. - Business Type:Trading
Services : Export, Men/Women Tee Shirts, Polo Shirts, Shirts, Jeans And Other Clothes. Gifts, Organic Almond Oil, Organic Almond Powder
Services : export, men/women tee shirts, polo shirts, shirts, jeans and other clothes. gifts, organic almond oil, organic almond powder