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Phone : 86-2161811362

Company : Daitto Global Sourcing Service CO., LTD

Address : Add:Rm2003-2004,Building10th,BaoLink-Center,Lane 803 of Shuangcheng Rd , Shanghai , China, Shanghai, Shanghai, China

Country : China

City : Shanghai

Fax : 86-21-61811352

Mobile : 86-15214300398

Website : www.daittosourcing.com


Description : DAITTO GLOBAL SOURCING SERVICE CO.,LTD’sfoundation was laid when a group of successful business people put theirresources together in order to create a strong player in the ever growingglobal market. The companyis a full sourcing service company specializing insupply chain and procurement management service in global. Also High quality Interpreterservice and for VCs, Angels & Investment service which are developing at ahigh rapid in China.

With a dedicated team of experienced RiskManagers ,Traders, Traffic and Documentation People basedout of Shanghai which is an international business city and a large team ofsales people based out of the China market, even global market. We can proudlystate of having a solid foundation and sound infrastructure in place to achievewhat we have targeted. We feel that the added advantage of having the salesteam based at various locations around the world close to the end customergives us a enormous edge in not only closing the transaction but also get thefirst hand report of all the markets and way they are behaving/moving . It alsohelps us to have regular updates on our customers, their buying habit, andchange in pattern, financial strength, market creditability and stocks positionas such. We believe this alone puts us way ahead of what so ever littlecompletion we have in our sector of operations.

At present, We have created a select managementteam of skilled personnel with a wealth of experience. They have been drawnfrom all branches of industry and banking, drawn from varying levels ofmanagement, they comprise a unit with acute commercial and production acumencoupled with energy and determination to succeed, which has significantlycontributed to our success. It services the global markets and has a strongcustomer based in Chinaand oversea.

DGSS is mainly operating in these markets wherethe future growth is anticipated in line with the current growth of doubledigits. We have set ourselves the target to beat this growth and are poised togrow at 14-15% per annum for next 3-5 years.

Yet, how do we penetrate into China andoversea? How can we source out the right high quality products? How can wedeliver cargoes on time? Who are the reliable suppliers? …. 

YES, DGSS fully understands these thoughtfulnessand concerns, we are here for you, with enthusiasm and confidence, to achieveyour goal and realize your mission!

Industry :
  • Chemicals
  •    ∟ Chemical Stocks
  • General Industrial Equipment
  •    ∟ General Industrial Equipment Stock
  • General Mechanical Components
  •    ∟ Bearings
  •      ∟ Bearing Accessories

Category : Business Type:Business Services
Services : Chemical, Machine, Steel Product, Accessories
Services : chemical, machine, steel product, accessories

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