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Phone : 86-2151797497

Company : Baixi Group(HongKong)Co., Ltd

Address : Room 310.No 3438.yixian Road, Shanghai, Shanghai, China

Country : China

Postcode : 200441

Fax : 86-2151797497

Website : www.baixii.xn


Description : Shanghai Baixi is Baixi Group local enterprises registered in China, mainly
Wholesale distribution of petroleum resin, SIS, SBS, SEBS, SEPS, polybutylene, polyisobutylene, terpene resins, butyl rubber, ethylene propylene rubber, butadiene rubber, isoprene rubber, acrylic rubber, nitrile rubber , APAO, APO, polyethylene wax, EVA, EAA, EMA, rubber additives, coating resins, solvents, additives, pigments and other popular consumer markets, among consumers enjoy a higher status, with many European and American factories and agents to establish a long-term stable cooperative relations.
Baixi Industries is a registered chemical import and export company in Shanghai. Relying on good overseas and domestic market information channels, can provide rubber products, tires, butyl tape, hot melt adhesives, pressure sensitive adhesives, sealants, damping glue, rat plastic, asphalt modification, elastomer modified, waterproofing membrane, road paint, paint, cosmetics, chewing gum, ink and other industries to provide the raw materials needed.
Category : Business Type:Trading
Services : Petroleum Resins, Polyisobutylene, Rosin Resins, Terpene Resins, Rubber Additives, Butyl Rubber, Epdm Rubber, Eaa, Eva, Polyethylene Wax, Sbc Elastomers, Carbon Black, Antioxidants, Etc
Services : petroleum resins, polyisobutylene, rosin resins, terpene resins, rubber additives, butyl rubber, epdm rubber, eaa, eva, polyethylene wax, sbc elastomers, carbon black, antioxidants, etc