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Description : AGM Graphite Materials, all processed by 2200℃/3992 F.

AGM/ Advanced Graphite Materials CORP is a comprehensive company,
which integrates the manufacture, the scientific research, development and services.
Currently, we are focus on the Advanced Graphite Insulation Materials for :

Vacuum & Insert Gas Heat Treatment & Thermal Processing,
Vacuum & Atmosphere Sintering,Brazing,Carburizing, Annealing,Melting
Thermal Insulation Materials for CVD
High temperature/High K furnace,Vacuum system
Crystal Silicon Growth & Sapphire Heat Treatment Industry
Photovoltaic and Battery Industries,etc.includes:

Insulation Materials for High Temperature Vacuum Furnace & Insert Gas Heat Treatment Systems:
Graphite Felt (PAN & RAYON-BASED)
Rigid Graphite Board (PAN & RAYON-BASED)
CFC Carbon Fiber Composite Materials (2D & 3D)
CFC Rods,Trays,Plates,Sheets,Boards,Heater,etc.
Flexible Graphite

Graphite Hot Zone (Assembly & Parts)

Carbon Foam,Graphite Foam for Electric Industry
Heat Treatment & Thermal Management
Graphite Battery Materials
Other Carbon & Graphite Materials.

AGM Graphite Materials, all processed by 2200℃/3992 F.

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AGM CORP www.advancedgraphite.com
Vacuum and High Pressure Sintering Industry: Heat Insulation for Metal Sintering, Non Oxide

· Ceramics, Tungsten Carbide manufacturing

· Vacuum Treatment Industry: Heat Insulation for Commercial Heat Treat Furnaces, Hardening, Tempering, etc.

· Crystal Growing Industry: Heat Insulation for silicon, Sic, Indium phosphide, Gallium Arsenide,

· Sapphire, Optical Crystals, Solar Ingots

· Special Casting Industry: Heat Insulation for precision casting of DS/SC turbine engine components and Metal Matrix Composites

· Graphitizing/CVD Applications: Heat Insulation for High Modulus Carbon Fiber Production, Halogen purification Furnaces

· Electronic/Semiconductor Industry: Heat Insulation for Materials for various precursor applications

· Aerospace Industry: Hot isostatic process furnaces, heat treating, sintering, brazing furnaces, autoclaves

· Solar cells: graphite felt electrode in the vanadium redox flow battery

· Filtering materials of scorching gas, liquid and fused metal

· Perforated electrode of fuel battery

· Catalyst carrier

· Face of corrosion resistant materials

· Semi Conductor: as insulation boards and cylinders using together with high purified graphite crucibles, heating elements and other elements within the hot zone

· The rayon graphite felt to be cut into strips as the light and heat filament in
Furnace – resistance or induction heated vacuum furnaces and inert gas furnaces, such as degassing furnaces, brazing furnaces, soft and bright annealing furnaces, sintering furnaces for hard metals, carburizing furnaces, laboratory graphitizing furnaces; inductively heated melting and heat treatment furnaces, in which a proportion of the ceramic insulting material is replaced by felt in order to increase the electrical efficiency and prevent the liquid metal from coming into contact with the induction coil in the event of crucible fracture (no wetting)

· Thermal insulation

AGM CORP www.advancedgraphite.com
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Services : Graphite Insulation &Amp; Cfc Materials
Services : graphite insulation & cfc materials