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Description : Our company is specialized in various upgrading high vacuum ion plating equipment manufacturing and sales , PVD coating processing, vacuum accessories sales and a variety of old and new equipment for the high-tech enterprise , the company’s main products are: IF power , including the power vacuum , magnetic control sputtering power , bias power ; multi-arc ion plating equipment , frequency ion plating equipment , ceramic glass coating equipment , magnetron evaporation coating equipment , continuous web coating line single machine ; can be configured according to user needs multi-arc target rotation magnetron target , IF twin sputtering target , unbalanced magnetron sputtering target and the arc column , large flat arc , multi-target can be achieved in a room , and can be equipped with advanced computer automatic control system , fully automated process control . The main target : gold, silver, chromium, titanium, titanium, aluminum , zirconium , nickel, stainless steel and high-purity target ink , silicon, silicon oxide , aluminum oxide , nitride, boride and other non-metallic ceramic target ; Color: includes gold series , silver series , series and black color series ; applications: hard film , decorative film, a metal film , a conductive film, a metal and non-metallic surface . The philosophy of “ customer first, excellence ” business philosophy, the “customers first ” principle to provide our clients with quality services.
Locality : Jimo,Qingdao,China
Category : Business Type:Manufacturing
Services : Vacuum Coating Equipments, Coating Service, Related Accessories
Services : vacuum coating equipments, coating service, related accessories