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Description : HaoGang steel has been dedicated in end of crane solutions provider, has been for domestic cost type crane to the quality type crane and plead, and the production of crane three core equipment ( electric carts ( beam), electric trolley ( hoist double-trolley ), hanging electric carts ( beam) and is nearly 1000 crane manufacturing supporting manufacturers, such as: a more well-known domestic crane manufacturers: Demag agents: peak lifting, million, Sheng machinery. Keni agents: Ryder Waugh crane, lifting their Gaoke, power lifting, Shen Fanqi heavy, Ying Peng lifting, Bo lift the heavy lifting, Datong, Ding Fu Kelai lifting, lifting, macro lifting, luxurious new ball lifting, lifting, lifting the garden Chunhua, lifting, mine lifting, Xingshun pass heavy lifting, Denon, Qi Hui lifting, and brings the end customers of praise and favor, signed a long-term strategic cooperation framework agreement! Our application engineering: Shanghai Hongqiao Airport passenger aircraft repair workshop, Shanghai police air force police helicopter workshop, the United States Caterpillar Inc China Wuxi plant, Carrier air conditioning refrigeration technology, Minebea, Daikin, Kubota, Shanghai Seiki Hanbell, car, bus, Pengda precision, self lubricating bearing, textile group and many well-known enterprises to choose the products of our company, we are Japan"s Demag DEMAG KITO, Taiwan ITS and other well-known brand dealers, Ho steel mission: to give customers a security firm . Durable. Durable, efficient five star cranes and ancillary equipment. Our products for you to create more value! Ho steel slogan: we devote yourself to put one"s heart and soul into the cause, have a genuine and sincere desire for customer service, allowing customers to live more happy! The future direction of the company to trade multiple high-end intelligent, employees have a better space for development, perfect and reasonable challenging promotion mechanism and salary distribution mechanism. The so-called you over to cause much, you can get much cause. To do can file a single person, company and member of the public to do one thing! The achievement person is first priority! Office address: Shanghai Huyi Highway No. 3099 hit the international room 906 Factory address: Shanghai Jiading Industrial Park Road 88, battle of Contact person: Mr. Yang
Category : Business Type:Manufacturing
Services : Crane , Motor , Hoist, Trolley
Services : crane , motor , hoist, trolley