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Description : BEIJING TINDER LOST FOAM CASTING TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD, as the largest and the best foam equipment supplier in China, has been awarded ISO9001-2008 Quality Management System Certification, the first unit of People�s Republic State standard �lost foam casting quality evaluation method�. With hundreds of designing and making lost foam project�s experience, TINDER can provide project design, making the whole set of lost foam process equipment, technology service, casting and international trade. TINDER has owned the great reputation at home and abroad. TINDER mainly provides intermittent pre-expander, forming machine, foam automatic glue machine drying channel, coating grinding machine, linear and circle vibration table, vacuum system, automatic pouring machine, automatic box flip machine sand treatment system, flask circle line, and the lost foam special supplementary material. Also, TINDER can provide a wide range of heat-resistant and wear-resistant high-alloy castings, gray iron casting, ductile iron casting, low- alloy casting and etc. TINDER� products have been exported to different countries and earned the great reception
Locality : Beijing,China
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Services : High-End Lost-Foam Casting Process Equipment, A Large Variety Of High-Alloy Castings, Heat-Resistant And Wear-Resistant Castings, High-Quality Ductile Iron And Grey Iron Castings
Services : high-end lost-foam casting process equipment, a large variety of high-alloy castings, heat-resistant and wear-resistant castings, high-quality ductile iron and grey iron castings