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Description : 2012 conference of LEIBIYA (HK) GROUP LIMITED had opened at the Guangzhou traders Hotel on Nov. 17th, 2011. The whole activity won franchisees, agents loved and recognize , many businesses make the order on-site , The atmosphere is very warm. LEIBIYA (HK) GROUP LIMITEDprepare a huge celebration dinner, invited the well-known host and Performing arts team to give the performance. Sweepstakes is to introduce the climax of the whole atmosphere of the dinner. Guests praise for LEIBIYA brand, the whole event was a great success in the laughter.
Brand positioning of LEIBIYA is fashion and leisure, It is the choice out of the market prospects based brand and design style. Product avant-garde, elegant and unassuming, each design is created by the first-class designers, style pursuit of natural and smooth. The mail product of LEIBIYA is youth leisure series , product classification clear, including the kinds of slippers, sandals, canvas shoes, snow boots and many other styles. Not only have dignified and popular boutique, but also have trendy design, dynamic young avant-garde series.
2013 conference of LEIBIYA (HK) GROUP LIMITED had opened gaily at the Guangzhou Oriental International Hotel. With his own unique style of weaving shoes, hole shoes, sandals and other products unveiled the world, I am sure the young people and major distributors who like chasing the trend will certainly brighten. Leibiya have promoted the woven shoes series this time, woven shoes from traditional hand-woven art, health retro theme, the use of texture, comfortable, breathable soft, natural quality mercerized cotton, carefully woven by hand. In particular, the production of fine; dimensional sense of strong products, elegant; pretty unique style, color matching is also quite place; soft, light texture, safe and comfortable, breathable cool enough in warm while effectively promote blood circulation. Fashion,back to nature, the expression of personality, fashion retro double heritage-themed style, so you feel that each needle, each line is caring. The outsole LEIBIYA used is aUnique texture outsole, it designed and developed for a long time by our designers. We are designed according to the soles of the acupoints, so fatigue minimize your foot while still very strong non-slip effect. The scene of Whole conference is very hot. Not only attracted the attention of major distributors in Mainland China, and the visitors come from the surrounding areas came to the exhibition is countless. It is understood that this large-scale exhibition, the number of people, the hot spot, are fully reflected the organizers of this promotion will ingenuity, LEIBIYA (HK) GROUP LIMITED is to promote opened a new chapter in China.
On October 10, 2013, the new headquarters of LEIBIYA (HK) GROUP LIMITED was completed and 2014 conference also hold at the headquarters, agents from all over the world, with LEIBIYA to the world journey together.
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