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Phone : 86-18200744894

Company : Guangzhou Zeal Fun Cosmetic Co., Ltd

Address : BAIYUN LONGGUI, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

Country : China

Postcode : 518000

Mobile : 86-18200744894

Website : http://www.zeal68.com/ http://gztazol.en.made-in-china.com/


Description : Zeal Fun Group, built by Guangzhou Baiyun Darong Fine Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. And Tazol(HongKong) Biological Technology Co., Limited with investment of 150 millions, is the production and R&D base of OEM/ODM associated with beauty and cosmetic. Zeal Fun Group is located on the Qinyuan Hi-technology Industry Zoon which is known as a Backyard Garden of Guangzhou. The region has high-quality air, water resources and environment, which provides perfect production condition for Zeal Fun Group. With floor area of more than Germany, daily output of 180 tons, it is one of the enterprises of hair and beauty with largest, biggest product manufacturing capacity in China. In accordance with Meet the requirements, dedicate the beauty, Zeal Fun Group devotes to the production, detection, packaging, and distribution of the (OEM/ODM) of hair dye products, hair perm, shampoo, hair conditioner, hair styling products, bath products, cosmetic and skin-care products, make-up products, baby products, and perfume. TAZOL, ZEAL, LOSUNREA and KOLORS, produced by Zeal Fun Group, gain the reputation in the industry because of high quality. Meanwhile, the company establishes long-term business from America and other companies, and gains a favorable reception from the partners. Recently, there is more and more business in India, Dubai, Dominica, Malaysia, USA, Brazil, Columbia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Pakistan, European countries, and other regions. The sales is doubled and redoubled, and its annual production value reaches tens of millions of Dollar.
Services : hair color , hair relaxer , shampoo, conditioner, hair tonic other hair treatment products, hair perm lotion and skin care and body care products