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Description : IN ADDITION TO THE MANY AND VARIED STANDARD BUISNESS FORMS, NOTEBOOK, CASH REGISTER PAPER, CONTINOUS PRINTING PAPER WE NOW OFFER, WE CAN ALSO DEVELOP BESPOKE PRODUCTS EXCLUSIVE TO A BRAND OR MANUFACTURER, IN YOU LOCAL LANGUAGE. We have certification of International Quality Control System ISO9001, Environmental Control System ISO14001, Professional Healthy Safety Control System GB/T28001. We designated Invoice Printing Enterprise authorized by Zhejiang Provincial National Tax Bureau, Zhejiang Provincial Local Tax Bureau, Ningbo Provincial National Tax Bureau, Ningbo Provincial Local Tax Bureau.The confidential document printing enterprise authorized by Ningbo National Confidential Carrier Making and Copying OrganizationCouncil Member of China Anti-counterfeit AssociationDesignated Procurement Unit authorized by Ningbo GovernmentDesignated Procurement Unit authorized by Cixi GovernmentDesignated Envelop Printing Enterprise authorized by Zhejiang Provincial Post OfficeCouncil Member Enterprise of the Commercial Invoice Printing Association, Provincial Packaging and Printing Association and Provincial Printing Technology AssociationBanking Credit Rate AAA. Pls. Let me know your need, We will give you the best price, goods and service kindly! Look forward to establishing the business relationship with you ! MANDY ---------------------------------------- ZHEJIANG DEBANG PRINT CO., LTD. M.T.:13858337731 TEL:(+86)574-63039235 FAX:(+86)574-63019813 E-MAIL:***** *****
Services : paper, form, mamo pads