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Description : Solidco Mould Co., Ltd has been a comprehensive manufacturer of plastic injection molds for more than 7 years, keeping solid cooperation business relations with importers and factories from countries and regions worldwide. Solidco focuses on quality and on-time delivery. We dedicate ourselves to producing injection molds and injection molding parts to exceed our customers' requirements with a complete set of CNC equipment. Many people have already known us as one of the best manufacturers and exporters of plastic chair molds, crate molds, TV molds, appliance molds and more. Our current business line includes: 1) Household molds (such as mold for chair, table, trash bin, crate, container, kitchenware, etc.) 2) Automotive molds (such as mold for bumper, dash board, etc.) 3) TV molds (such as mold for CRT covers, LCD bezels, etc.) 4) Other electrical appliance molds (such as mold for plastic parts in printing machine and cash registers, washing machine molds, etc.) From product design, mold design, mold making, production plan, and quality assurance to custom clearance and delivery, we'd like to serve our customers with one-stop service. From our customers' point of view, Solidco always adheres to the principle of no cheating in material or machining - just give the quality assurance to our customers with a guaranteed satisfaction with what they order to enhance their business.
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