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Description : Shanghai Luke Import and Export Co.,LtdMain products: 1.Air filter- pre filter ,high mesh filter,HEPA filter.2. FCU control valve: spring return valve,ball valve etc.3.Stainless steel pipe:Stainless steel hose for forced air and fume exhaust hose of gas-type water heater, fume exhaust hose of wall-mounted stove, metal corrugated hose and the fittings; the dimensions of the fume exhaust hoses are as follows:?50, ?60, ?70, ?80,9?0, ?100,etc.4.Hose:Telescopic pipe rotates 360�in any direction, steel wire telescopicpipe is the kind that dedicated for mobile air-conditioning. thermostable and heat resistant steel wire expansion hose set with high extension rate for quilt warming machine and de-humidifying machine; Plastic and aluminum alloy expansion hose,aluminum-alloy telescopic pipe.
Services : Hardware, Pipe Fittings, Rubber & Plastics, Plastic Processing Service, Chemicals, Resin, Stainlees steel pipe, hose, control valve, air filter