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Description : Shandong Longchang Animal Health Product Co., Ltd. was . We are the first producer of in China and Longchang bile acid has been approved for the National class 1 feed additives by Chinabusiness has throughout all over the world. constructed put operation2the biggest extraction base in China. Our main business is extraction of animals and plants with safe, green and high efficient. The products have very good reputation and market share. Especially o---RUNENG, we have set up very good business relationship with many big feed groups and animal health enterprises in these years opportunity to develop Southeast Asia and other markets.
antibiotics hazard on human health, push forward the coming of non-antibiotics age, we launch our new prEucommia Bark P.E.. In Jiangzhe Area, the result proved that the extraction which source of chlorogenic acid has good effects of antibacterial growth promoting in poultry and aquatic animals.
to be the excellent supplier of feed additive and animal health
develop hand in hand to make a positive contribution for the safesustainability of domestic and overseas animal husbandry!
Locality : dezhou,shandong province
Category : Business Type:Manufacturing
Services : Mixed Feed Bile Acids, Eucommia Ulmodies
Services : mixed feed bile acids, eucommia ulmodies