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Description : Lingbao Yuxin Quartz Mining Ltd. is an integrated enterprise in both mineral development, research and manufacturing. We have strong technical force, professional technical personnel engaged in silica powder and silica sand production for many years. The executive director of China Association of Epoxy Resin Application Technology, Sub-central Branch is responsible directing the production technology. We develop a variety of composite silicon materials research subject with giant partnership between China Building Adhesive Association and us, China Association of Powder Material and us. We has strong product research and development capabilities to produce the ideal products needed by users with special requirements. Compared with the silica powder and silica sand produced by traditional process, ours of natural quartz has many advantages, such as high purity, white, high silicon content, low impurity content, less variegated particles and low lead content. Our product has excellent insulation resistance, arc resistance and flame resistance. It is widely used for casting, pouring and molding in high and low voltage electrical epoxy, high voltage power transmission systems, electronic components, large-scale integrated circuits, equipment manufacturing and other industries. It is the ideal environmental friendly insulation material and filler in quartz plates, fine ceramic manufacture. Also widely used in high-end anti-corrosion paint, silicone rubber, various adhesives and other industries. With many resource advantages as local quartz ore storage capacity, high purity and easy exploitation, through domestic counterparts pioneered multi-level material crushing, grading, cleaning, removing iron, screening and purification by fully automated micro-manage production processing equipment, we produce 20,000 tons various kinds of refined sand, 5,000 tons various models multipurpose micro silica powder and 30,000 tons super white, ultra-thin special glass sand annually. We sincerely welcome guests home and overseas visit us.
Locality : Lingbao,henan
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Services : Quartz Stone Silica Powder Quartz Sand Quartz Fume
Services : quartz stone silica powder quartz sand quartz fume