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Description : The company’s bicomponents spunbond nonwoven (PE/PP)、(PE/PET) and Polyester(PET) ,PLA spunbond nonwoven fabrics, are the most competitive industrial newly complex fabric and medical&health fabric. The products are mainly used for the medical&health protection products and also can be used in the automobile industry, building industry , electronic industry, domestic use, such as cloth, the fabric can also directly colored by masterbatch or printing by dyeing.After been cut, then export or domestic sales.
We can also impart some kinds of functions into them ,such as waterproof,hydrophilic,composite materials,retardant and ect.
Locality : CHINA
Category : Business Type:Manufacturing
Services : Polyester Spunbond Nonwoven, Bicomponent Nonwovens, Pe Nonwoven+Pp Nonwoven, Pe Nonwoven+Pet Nonwoven, Pet Nonwovens, Laminated Nonwovens, Composites Nonwovens, Pla Nonwovens, Pe Nonwovens, Polyethylene Spunbond Nonwovens
Services : Textiles & Leather Products, Nonwoven Fabric, Chemicals, High Polymers, Polyester spunbond nonwoven, bicomponents spunbond nonwoven, PET nonwoven, bicomponent PE/PP nonwoven, bicomponent PE/PETnonwoven, PLA nonwoven