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Description : Anyang Dingxin railway materails Co.,ltd is located in the Chinese famous casting town Yaocun town -- Linzhou city ,Henan province. The company was founded in 1968, havingexperienced forty years of construction and development, the enterprise has always been the "integrity-based, service first" as our purposes, we introduced the international advanced enterprise of market strategy, recruitmented the excellent professional and advanced management to promote the rapid and healthy development of enterprise. Our companys main products include: railway line feed (pre-cast shoulder, 43KG/M, 50KG/M, 60KG/M rail trackgauge plate, tie plate, type 70 railway fastener, typeII III guard rail plate, new type III guard rail plate (3448 line), curve rail brace, anti creeper, fish plate, interval iron,type I II III elastic clip, guard rail shuttle head), subway plate, metallurgy (rail brace,internal and external femoral ironplate and so on) , railway equipment (vertical railway switch etc.), rail switch components (various rail brace, gauge rod, offset plates), spike, bolts and other standard parts, chassis parts and other large iron castings, steel castings, castings and so on. Our company has an advanced production equipmens such as 2 sets ofcast iron,cast steel intermediate frequency electric furnace of 2T, 2 sets ofcast iron,cast steel intermediate frequency electric furnace of 1T; mechanical molding production line, machining production line, sand molding production line, theannual output of cast products can be more than 10000 tons, we have established a good long-term relationship with the Harbin Railway Bureau,Xi'an Railway Bureau, Chengdu Railway Bureau,Ji'nan RailwayBureau, Guangzhou railway Bureau, participating in national freight, railway and subway transit construction. Casting products are also exported to North America,Austrilia ,Europe, Africa, Japan,Vietnam, South Korea and other countries and are highly praised from our domestic and foreign customers by its highly quality and excellent service . The processing technology of our company in making cast iron products includes the traditional sand casting, sand molding production,mechanical molding production and other vertical molding machine, effectively ensure the quality of products, shorten the production cycle, improve production efficiency, can meet the production of products; the company introduced advanced testing equipment:optical detector and spectrometer, can accurate detection of the content of C, casting products Si, P, S, Mn and other metal elements, and can accurately give customers a metallographic examination report, and strive to achieve customer standards. The company has passed ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification, the implementation of quality assurance. We will be tracking the all products sold in our company, we would record the feedback information about our products for customer,we would like to be your production、research and development base ,we sincerly like to make corporation with all customers both home and abord! Contact: Mr Evan Yang Business Manager M-Phone: 15903725971 18937215871 E-mail: 790497946@qq.com evan.yang2014@hotmail.com A machine: 0372-6539111 6511276 Fax: 0372-6530198 Web site: http://dxgwqc.b2b.hc360.com/
Locality : linzhou city
Category : Business Type:Manufacturing
Services : Railway Fastener/Cast Iron Products
Services : railway fastener/cast iron products