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Description : Hunan Risheng Technology Co., Ltd. is a company to market as the guide, the research and development of science and technology as the foundation, the pursuit of independent innovation products, state-level high-tech enterprise specialized in biomedical gene diagnostic products, test instruments, instrument, medical devices and in vitro diagnostic reagent production and sales. Company "to the market as the center, cultivating benevolence can often lead personnel, sophisticated technology, so that each user a more than satisfactory" as a business philosophy and its development strategy.Hunan Risheng production national brand PCR has ten years of history, is the only domestic brand is qualitative, quantitative, real-time quantitative PCR instrument at the end of three medical device registration certificate and CE certification of national. The PCR instrument of the production of similar products in the domestic sales of the first accumulated. Domestic real-time PCR instrument also since 2006 the implementation of the first national mandatory industry standards through testing and access to SFDA registration certificate. Real-time PCR instrument of national invention patent (ZL2004.1.0073432.1) has been authorized, products have been approved by the provincial science and technology achievement award two and national key new product certificate, laboratory equipment represented by PCR has been exported to South Korea, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and other countries.Hunan Risheng for major national disease detection, food safety, animal epidemic prevention requirements, using their own strength, the rapid development of new products of Enterobacter sakazakii in milk powder quantitative PCR detecting instrument and reagent, ATP colonies and cleanliness of surface fluorescence detection instrument and reagent, food pathogen detection system, and the rapid popularization and application in the market.
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