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Country : China

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Description : Guangzhou Changlai Animation Technology Co., Ltd, was established in 2008, formerly Guangzhou Shenchuang Building Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd, which is dedicated to the exhibition, chain stores, stage props design, KTV audio, design and installation of multimedia integrated hall etc.

To meet the market demands, in 2010, Changlai stepped into the design, research and production of theater works, theater equipment, car theater, cinema trailer cars, special theater, simulation models, VR equipment. Through the continuous innovation of our elite group, in 2014, Changlai became the leading manufacturer with advanced technology and guaranteed quality in the fields of aircraft model, aircraft simulation driving, 9D-VR virtual reality, technology experience equipment.

Product features:
1. Innovation; our products are sold worldwide, so we can learn customers demand promptly and develop new products according to market changes.
2. Broad-range: our customers are peers, naughty fort companies, career experience company, technology pavilion design company, playground design company. During 5 years we have sold out 10,000 units, we can produce the product exceeding your image.
3. Best-price: our core idea is the innovation, high-quality and cost control; we do not purse more than 30% profit but control the profit rate at 15%, so we have no discount and will not commit the air ticket and the accommodation fee, we give our customers tangible benefits
4. Good applicability: Shopping malls, pedestrian streets, movie theater, experience hall, lounge, playgrounds, theme parks, museum profession, naughty fort, game room, recreation room, science centers, museums, teaching equipment stadiums, venues coach driving simulator etc.

Product catalog:
1.Flight simulators, aircraft models, 9D-VR driving simulator aircraft, 9D-VR gunship driving simulation, driving simulation Airbus A380, Boeing 787 simulated driving, 9D-VRJ-31 driving simulation, 9D-VR F-10 simulation driving, 9D-VR driving simulator spaceship, helicopter gunships model Airbus A380 model, the Boeing 787 model, J-31 models, the F-10 model spacecraft model.
2. Navigation simulators, ship models, ship driving simulator, submarine driving simulation, driving simulation Liaoning number, 9D-VR yacht driving simulation, 9D-VR motorboat driving simulation, driving simulation nuclear submarines, ships model submarine model, Liaoning No. aircraft models, model boats, motor boats model, nuclear submarines model.
3.8D car driving simulator, the Ferrari Formula One car driving simulator, 9D-VR virtual car driving simulation, simple teaching 3 fold screen driving device.
Category : Business Type:Manufacturing
Services : 5D/7D/9D Cinema, 9D Vr, House Cinema, Truck Trailer Cinema, Mini Cinema Of Children, Simulator Equipment
Services : 5d/7d/9d cinema, 9d vr, house cinema, truck trailer cinema, mini cinema of children, simulator equipment