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Description : With more than 10 years' experience engaged in almost all the business field related to Flow&Level Measurement,Forpipe are dedicated into supplying all the necessary instruments which would be used in industrial pipes including Flow meters based on all kinds of principles such as Float,Rota,Electromagentic,Vortex,Orifice plate,Ultrasonic,Turbine…etc,and also Level Indicators based on Magnetic float,Glass plate,Radar,Ultrasonic…etc. OEM Service: We can make any type of modification according to your requirement including replacing Covers,adding Logos, Changing Languages,modify programs...etc For free! Yes,we offer all these services above for free! After service: Within one year,any seriously defects with the instruements we sold,we send you a new one for free. Yes, you don't have to pay to get a new replacement. Beyond one year,we offer the free maintenance not for years,but forever! An excellent Service:We have learnt carefully from Japanese and German enterprise on how to establish and shape a better service distinguished from traditional Chinese companies,who are trying whatever they can do to earn as much money as they can. A precious Value: Most of Chinese supplier,they do not understand the implication of Value.Value is not so simple as Receive the payment,Deliver the Goods.but means your payment is deserved,means satisfication with what you have expended. A famous Brand:Brand to its product is the comprehensive image of itself including design, symbol, specific features, service to the buyers ,and whenever we mention a brand, our personal image about its products will appear quickly in our mind. Our goal is to provide superior value to the process the instrumentation community by offering several choices for any flow&Level measurement applications at industry competitive prices. In the future, our portal will incorporate other process instrumentation such as pressure, temperature, and Valves.
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Services : Flow Meter, Flow Indicator, Flow Sensor, Flow Switch, Flow Control, Flow Measurment, Flow Transmitter, Level Meter, Level Indicator, Level Sensor, Level Switch, Level Control, Level Measurment, Level Transmitter, Level Gauge
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