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Company : Guangzhou Ambition Network Technology Co., Ltd.

Address : Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

Country : China


Description : Guangzhou ambition network technology company, specializing in iOS software development, is committed to developing high quality, innovative, practical, convenient life applications. Has now launched the products are "video cutter", "Fun ringtones", "picture photo collection device", "the latest train schedules" and so on. The company's future plans to introduce more convenience to people's lives App, make people's lives better. Our aim is to "serve the people, to make life better."At present, we have 3 products on apple store .The first is video converter, Download website:***** .The second is Fun Ringtones, Download website: ***** third is Picture photo collector, Download website: *****.
Services : ios iphone software, video converter, fun ringtones, picture photo collector