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Description : Shenzhen Dongfangwanhe Instruments Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer in the field of electronic pressure measurement technique. With the rich experience of the pressure measurement production, advanced manufacturing technique, strict detecting means and scientific management system, the enterprise continually deepens the enterprise management and actively promotes the technical innovation and it has gradually accumulated its unique know-how. The pursuance and insistence of the top-quality make our enterprise in the leading position of the electric pressure measurement technique.
WANHE Instruments always devotes itself in the specialty production and powerful manufacturing and now it can apply nearly all kinds of sensor technique in the field of the electric pressure measurement technique. Owing to the devotion to the electric pressure measurement technique, our enterprise holds the inimitable core competition in the industry.

● Whole Production Series
- Standard Pressure, Level and Differential Pressure Transmitter
- Accurate Pressure, Level and Differential Pressure Transmitter
- Industrial Pressure, Level and Differential Pressure Transmitter
- Sanitary Pressure, Level and Differential Pressure Transmitter
The skilled application of different kinds of the sensors technique can meet with the customer requirements in all rounds.

●High Performance-Price Ratio
The large scale production decreases the cost to the maximal degree and the abundant pressure measurement products can make it possible for the customer to get the optimal design with the lowest price. To increase the quality and decrease the cost for the customers and provide them with the highest performance-price ratio are our kernel concept of the product development and manufacturing. We promise that the customers will obtain the most suitable product scheme with the least cost under the equal quality and fair commercial conditions.

● Meet with Customer’s Special Requirements
Because of the different pressure measurement requirements in different industrial application, to provide the pertinent authoritative suggestion and service is quite important for the pressure measurement in the different situations.WANHE Instruments can rapidly and economically solve the technical problems of the industrial pressure measurement with the different pressure sensor technique. Such performance can fully prove the technical power of WANHE Instruments in the electronic pressure measurement.

● Superior Service
Professional technique consultation and the whole product solution can increase the efficiency of the type selection design for the customers.
Timely and rapid delivery can decrease the customer’s storage.
Our consideration from increasing the customer’s competition makes us as the loyal and credible partner of the customer.

WANHE Instruments the products are approved by many international authority institutions for the certificates of CE, intrinsic safety explosion-proof and isolated safety explosion-proof. Our employees with the professional and high quality will make sure to provide you with the high-quality products and superior services at any time and at any place. Our products are widely applied in the fields of chemical industry, petroleum, pharmacy, electricity, municipal works, environmental protection, food and paper-making.
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