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Country : China

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Description : ANGEL CITY LIMITED Our world is a global village.Unless you're from another planet, you won't miss the opportunities to cooperate with International partners, not only reasonable cost, but also the large market. ANGEL CITY LIMITED wish to make some positive contributions for your business. Who's ANGEL CITY LIMITED ANGEL CITY LIMITED is family enterprise which located in Century-old international commercial port Shantou, China. We are composed of five branches of paper products, paper,plastic bags,film,injection and blow moulding products. What's the original name of Angel City Limited? Angel City is indeed an enchanting place. Everyone knows that Los Angeles is praised as Angel City, but do you know which city is the East of Angel City? It's Shantou. "Shantou was supposed to be the Los Angeles of China." Communist party leader of Shantou Mr. Lin said in 1992. In 1930s, Shantou port was the third largest port in China and the cargo handling capacity was almost the same as Los Angeles. Its commercial was well developed and so many Teochew(Chaoshan) people were doing business between Swatow(Shantou) and oversea countries. So that Engels said "Swatow (Shantou) is the only port with potential commercial meaning in China" in his books. ANGEL CITY LIMITED wish our city Swatow (Shantou) more glorious. Corporate spirit All buckets stop here. Customer service principle Let's make good friends first and good business later. ANGEL CITY LIMITED is operated with strong strategic vision to help our customer to get more market share. Today, our product solutions fulfill this vision and have earned the trust and loyalty of our customers around the globe. We focus on servicing our customers with the right products. Please don't hesitate to contact with us, we look forward to cooperating with you. Our email is angelcitylimited@qq.com
Locality : Shantou
Category : Business Type:Manufacturing
Services : Paper And Plastic Products
Services : Packaging & Paper, Bottles, Packaging & Paper, Packaging Bags, Packaging & Paper, Packaging Boxes, Packaging & Paper, Plastic Film, Packaging & Paper, Printing Paper, packaging bag, film, bottle, offset paper