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Description : Shanghai ANOKY is a big manufacturer of disperse dyes, reactive printing dyes in China. We could manufacture more than 55, 000 tons of dyestuffs & auxiliary agents for our clients every year, mainly including 30, 000 tons of disperse dyes, 10, 000 tons of reactive dyes, 15000 tons of auxiliary agents.Also, ANOKY is a big stock company in China, very good intergrety, and importantly, we just start our oversea marketing job, so it will be a very good chance for our cooperation because we can support your business with very good quality dyes with a better price. ANOKY has five wholy owned factories. We can manufacture the below dyes for big quantity in every batch. Importanly, ANOKY is pretty strong in reactive printing dyes, normal disperse dyes, high wasing fastness disperse dyes. ANOKY Reactive printing dyes are the counter dyes to P rang of Huntsman, ANOKY disperse high washing fastness dyes are the counter range of XF/SF of Dystary, kindly please get throught the below items: (1 )Reactiveprinting items: Reactive Yellow 95, Reactive Yellow 18, Reactive Orange 12(Golden Yellow P-2R), Reactive Red 24(Red PB, Red P-2BP, Red K-2BP), Reactive Violet 2, Reactive Blue 72, Reactive Blue 49(Blue P-3R), Reactive blue 13, Reactive blue 14, Reactive Black 39, Reactive Black 8, etc. (2 )Disperse general items: very very strong in Disperse Orange 30 150% , Disperse Red 73 200%, Disperse Red 167 100%, Blue 79 200%, Blue 79 220%, Disperse Blue 56 150% substituting standard (Blue WHE), Disperse T/Q blue 60 200% substituting standard( T/Q Blue SGM), Navy Blue exnsf 300%, Disperse Black ECO exsf 300%(reddish), Disperse Black ECO exsf 300%(greenish), Disperse Black exsf 330%(Palanil SERN 300%, or CCR 330%), Disperse Black 400%(reddish), etc.
ANOCRON high washing fastness disperse dyes are the counter range of XF/SF of Dystar, very very strong and the has the same usage method, but we are competetive in price with almostly the same quality.

Attn: We can make counter dyes standards to some special hot item for market requirements, and hence, kindly please feel free to contact me for manufacturing new standards. Over all, we sincerely hope to share the profits with you for an even brighter future! As a reasult, kindly please feel free to contact me, dear friend. Shanghai Anoky Group Co., Ltd. No. 881, Songhua Road, Qingpu Industrial Park, Shanghai, China Post Code: 201703 Mobile: 0086-15088660751 Email: easonliu@vip.126.com Whatsapp(Whats up), Line, WeChat, Viber ( search "+86 15088660751" ), Skype( search "easonliu021" ) , are all available. Regards, Eason Liu
Locality : 4 plants in ShanDong Province, 1 Plant in Jiangsu
Category : Business Type:Manufacturing
Services : Manufacturing &Amp; Selling Disperse Dyes, Reactive Printing Dyes, Reactive Dyes To All Worldwide Friends
Services : manufacturing & selling disperse dyes, reactive printing dyes, reactive dyes to all worldwide friends