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Company : Guangzhou Cesin Cold Chain Technology Co

Address : Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

Country : China

Website : http://www.coldchaintools.com


Description : Our company is dedicated on the manufature and research of cold chain package, now we are growing into the one of the biggest cold chain package supplier for medicine transportation in China.

As it is known to all that it becomes a tendency that medicine logistics begin to use professional, standard and accurate packages in the transportation of medicine, especially for cold medicines and freeze drugs.
Our advantage is to help to design the most optimized medicine transportation project, in order to protect the medicines against from dynamic temperature change in the transportation from different regions and different temperature zones. By thousands of dynamic mimic tests and practical transportation demonstrations, we have accumulated rich experience and techniques in cold chain logistics packages.

We always take the most accurate and strict standards and experiments, basing on accurately control on cold or refrigerated temperature

Our technicians will help you to fully evaluate your current cold chain logistic conditions, including feasible temperature, time request, conditional temperature, modes and process of transportation, target cost, ideal size and weight etc.

In winter, our project could protect the medicine against super cooling under super low and low temperatures, no matter the temperature under 20 centigrade or below zero in chilled North or the common low temperature in South.

Our customized project also could keep your medicine at constant temperature for 48 to 170 hours in the hottest summer.

We also have prepared projects and solutions for cross regional transportation of safety in the dynamic temperature change from hot to cold or from cold to hot.
Locality : Guangzhou
Category : Business Type:Manufacturing
Services : Cooler, Insulated Cool Box, Cold Pack, Instant Ice Pack, Freezer, Foam Box, Thermal Packages
Services : cooler, insulated cool box, cold pack, instant ice pack, freezer, foam box, thermal packages