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Company : Guangzhou Xia Ling Electronics Co., Ltd.

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Description : Guangzhou Xia Ling electric appliance co., LTD., was born in guangzhou city, guangdong province, birthplace of electronics manufacturing, LCD TV, China - the world's most economical electronic products.

Therefore, we through the years of low price competition.

After years of development, the scope of our products to expand sales, have rich experience in the export of technology, at the same time, we offer OEM service.

If you are looking for the best price, don't hesitate to contact me, you can rest assured that a stable supplier, we hope to establish long-term business relationship.

Offer one-year warranty in the aftermarket, providing repair parts sent to the rest of the world, our brand "XIALING"AndHITACHIR, only for doing quality TV。

Our principle idea: the good faith is the path to success, the quality is the survival way, if lose customers, we are in pursuit of what?

Contacts: Zhang Yi Zhong [张奕忠]
Cell phone:13570939415.
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Product Website:http://450539604.qzone.qq.com
Address: China. Guangdong Province.
Guangzhou city. Panyu District
Xia Ling [夏菱]Electronics.
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Services : Led Tv, Lcd Tv
Services : led tv, lcd tv