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Company : Sunriver

Address : China, Quanzhou, Fujian, China

Country : China


Description : Established in 1992, Sunriver Stationery Co., Ltd. is engaged in manufacturing stationeries, and we capture both consumers and industrial segments of stationeries. Our products include student stationeries, office stationeries and also innovative stationeries. In human resource, we have valued experience key management and fine selected engineers with technicians as driving forces behind the organization. Under leadership of our talented management team, our skilled employees are well trained, motivated and committed to their job tasks and we constantly strive to ensure that our employees are performing to their fullest potential. Indeed, base on hard research and analysis, we always offer something better, innovative and valuable to our valued buyers. Our core competency is to exceed the expectation of our valued buyers and end-users by producing and offering quality products while maintaining highest standard of professionalism and ethics to ensure full satisfaction and approval.
Category : Business Type:Others
Services : Office Stationery,Shopping Bag,Pc Bag,Card Holder
Services : office stationery,shopping bag,pc bag,card holder

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