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Phone : 86-135-71167334

Company : Brother Organic Synthesis Material Co., LTD

Address : High-tech development zone Baoji, Shanxii

Country : China


Description : Brother organic synthesis was established in 2012. The main production of organicpharmaceutical intermediatesand OLED material intermediates, accept the organic product customization businessall the world. The existing several. It is located in China's ancient city - ancient into bin, baoji,

Our technical staff has more than 10 years working experience in organic synthesis, we have 2 cooperation factory, that production capacity 5 tons each month.we hope to long-term cooperation with you

Services : Chemicals, Other Organic Chemicals, Health & Medical, Pharmaceutical Chemicals, boric acid compounds, anthracene carbazole class, fluorene, pyrene, sanya, benzene, pyridine, 2 benzene thiophene, 2 coumarone, benzene imidazoles