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Description : ansanmar shoes co.ltd.is a famous shoe brand casual shoes line \\\\\\\"love St. Mary asanmar\\\\\\\" trademark owners, sales channels throughout the country. asanmar strict management of the regional market, giving brands within each regional agency, franchise, company dedicated market supervision department, strict supervision regional flows of goods, in the early part of the goods will stifle streaming phenomenon, so as to ensure the interests of the region licensors. The company will also assist partners to develop more sales outlets, and give full support in subsequent sessions. Love St. Mary asanmar casual shoes Brand Profile Founded in Spain, St. Mary\\\\\\\'s love of brand shoes, leisure and cultural heritage of Spain\\\\\\\'s unique, fully embodies the perfect combination of casual shoes habits and the way people live. Pursuit of high quality leisure and culture, will blend traditional style with modern classic. Quality natural texture of soft leather, exquisite handmade craft, innovation and design both functional and stylish, clever details and styles change of personality, elegant colors, became a symbol of casual elegance, successfully made ​​the shoes fashion, trends, personality brand positioning. Love St. Mary asanmar a derivative fashion, sharing star shoes with you. Allowing you to have a different feeling.
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