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Description : Anhui Sanyuan Magnet Co, .Ltd. ,certificated by ISO9001:2008,is located in the scenic city of Hefei,capital of Anhui province in China, dedicated in researching, manufacturing and selling of the third generation of high performance rare earth NdFeB magnet and Alnico magnet, SmCo magnet, Ferrite magnet and Rubber magnet. Approved by the States, we have the right to import and export by ourselves. We can afford NdFeB magnet of grade N52, N48H, N45SH, N40UH, N38EH, N33AH, ect. We have developed the magnet of low temperature coefficient and low gravity, which makes the motors, sensors and other magnet products works well in high temperature and other extreme conditions.We have new product of NdFeB ring magnet of radiation magnetizing ,which sells well in motor market. For ferrite magnet,our best advantage products is motor magnet of high remanence(Br>4300Gs) and high intrinsic coercivity(Hcj)>5200Oe.For ferrite magnet used in motor,our month output can meet 1000 tons. For SmCo magnet,the best property we can afford is Br>11300Gs.The largest outsize diameter can be 100mm of ring magnet for SmCo1:5.Monthly out put can be 50 tons. For AlNiCo magnet,we can afford block shape used on guitar,bar magnet used in sensor, ring magnet used in motor and other various shape used in speakers and other meters.Monthly out put can be 50 tons. It will be our greatest honor to cooperate with your esteemed company.We are always ready to service you if you have any requirements of the magnet.Welcome to visit our company or contact us.We would like to work together with you to further lower the production cost, to further broaden the application fields, to further enhance the utilization efficiency and to make the magnet power serves us a much better life of the future. Sanyuan magnet power, service the world!
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Services : Ndfeb, Ferrite , Smco
Services : ndfeb, ferrite , smco