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Address : No. 10, Zhoushan Road, Yantai ETDZ, Yantai, Shandong, China

Country : China

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Description : Yantai Senior Grating Co. Ltd, is a specialist manufacturer of steel gratings whose technology and equipments are introduces from United States. Having advanced CAD design system for gratings, we can serve the customers with perfect layout design of gratings. The company has been producing steel gratings and other steel structure products with exquisite workmanship, and these products are noted at home and abroad for their good quality, reasonable price and excellent service.

Senior steel gratings are constructed of bearing bars which are in longitudinal direction and cross bars which are in transverse direction. The cross bars (twisted square steel) which line up in certain spacing are placed on the upper edges of bearing bars(flat steel) which stand up side by side; the computer-controlled welding machine electro-forges them into a single rigid grating panel which has strong welds and rectangular openings surface.

Bearing bars carry loads. Cross bars fix bearing bars. The direction of bearing bars represents the direction of steel grating length. The direction of cross bars represents the direction of steel grating width.

Senior steel gratings have many advantages such as light weight, high strength, great load-bearing capacity, being economical of materials, ventilation and light admission, modern fashion and attractive appearance, non-slip and safe, easy cleaning and installation, being sturdy and durable.

Senior steel gratings can be classified into three styles, namely, plain style, serrated style, and I-type; according to the upper edges of bearing bars, form more than 200 varieties on the basis of the sizes and pitches of bearing bars and the pitches of cross bars, and may be made surface-protective treatment in light of different environments.

Senior steel grating are widely used by various plants at home and abroad, for example, in electric power plants, chemical plants, oil refinery, iron and steel works, machine building factories, paper mills, cement mills, medicine plants and foodstuff factories, for uses of gangways, catwalks, and platforms for pump rooms and engine rooms in various ships; floorings in various bridges such as railway bridge sidewalks, over-the-street bridges; platforms for oil extractron sites, car-washing sites and air-towers; fencings for car-parks, buildings and roads; drainage trench covers and drainage pit covers for highways.

Our products are exported to Canada, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Georgia, Singapore, South Africa, etc. In addition, our products get widely used in many Chinas domestic investment projects, such as Beijing Bird Nest Stadium, etc.

Senior steel gratings conform to China standard YB/T4001.1:2007, and may also be manufactured to U.S. standard ANSI/NAAMM(MBG531-88), or British standard BS4592-1-1995.

The Company is located in Yantai Economic and Technological Department Zone where communications and transportation are convenient.

Customers from all over the world are warmly wecome to order Senior steel gratings. Adhering to the principle of "Quality First, Customer Superior", we are ready to do our best to provide superior service to customers.
Locality : Yantai ETDZ, Shandong Province, China
Category : Business Type:Manufacturing
Services : Steel Grating, Steel Staircase Tread, Steel Ladder, Steel Handrail, Steel Platform
Services : steel grating, steel staircase tread, steel ladder, steel handrail, steel platform

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