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Description : JING JIN JI Industrical Co., Ltd. is specialized in providing whole plants for processing & packaging tomato paste, other fruit paste/puree/juice and concentrate from A to Z. Thanks to nearly 40 years? self-development and innovation, as well as the emergence of technology from Italy, JING JIN JI has mastered his own competitive technology from fruit receiving, pulping & finishing, cold/hot breaking, pre-treatment, vacuum evaporating to tube-in-tube sterilization and aseptic bag filling. By now, JING JIN JI has produced more than 75 whole processing lines for processors and customers at home and abroad.By means of his own professionalism in tomato paste processing machinery and engineering, in strong alliance with 141 Regiment, 8 Division of China Agricultural Construction Corps who has predominance in mass production of tomato fruits, JING JIN JI has incorporated a tomato paste plant named Xinjiang JING JIN JI Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. in Shihezi City, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. The manufacturing company in Xinjiang has a production capacity of 1500 tons fresh tomato fruit per day. The annual output is up to 10,000 tons concentrated tomato paste. The company has its own standard organic tomato farmland covering an area of 1000 Ha. Our raw fruits all come from our own farmland, but not from the greengrocers. Therefore, the cost of processing the raw fruits has been reduced and the high quality of the products has been controlled effectively.To ensure 100% safe, hygienic, natural and tasty products, Xinjiang JING JIN JI has strictly implemented the quality management system including HACCP, GMP, ISO9001 and other relevant hygienic standard during the collection and selection of raw material, the entire processing procedure, the final product?s sampling and inspection, packaging and logistics. Our quality certification is accorded by CIQ (China Exit and Entry Inspection and Quarantine Bureau). Each shipment will be effected under strict inspection by
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