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Phone : 86-0917-5699998

Company : Zhongyuan Bio-Technology Company Ltd.

Address : Meixian Industrial Zone, Baoji, Shaanxi, China

Country : China

Postcode : 722306

Fax : 86-0917-5699998

Mobile : 86-13636827366

Website : www.bjzysw.com


Description : Zhongyuan Biology Technology Company is located in Meixian Industrial Zone, Baoji City, Shaanxi ***** company is at the north side of Qinling Mountain which is called the line Forest Park is the ideal zone to produce pharmaceuticals for its beautiful surroundings and comfortable climate.With an area of over 180 acres there are more than 200employees, about 35% of them with college *****, it is the important Inositol production company which products Inositol 2000MT annual.
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Services : Inositol Nf-12
Services : inositol nf-12