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Description : The Fufeng Qin Rhyme Folk Custom Culture Industry Development Limited Company located at the Shanxi guanzhong plain west, is known as township of the world bronzeware, township of the folk industrial art fine reputation Baoji Fufeng, is fair folk arts and crafts. The folk custom special product's development, the production, sells in a body's company. Fengxiang makes things of clay, the cloth skill, the paper-cut, the horse bucket styles of makeup, and so on handicraft histories to be glorious, the great variety, the culture artistic value is high, has the bright local characteristics culture, at present its product in international, the domestic market favors day by day. The company has one manual plant which is composed of the artist raftsman, the specialized make horse bucket styles of makeup, the folk cloth skill, the wind fly in circles the clay sculpture, the farmer to draw the shadow figures, the paper-cut, the culm picture and so on pure hand-planted ndicraft, since was established is materially beneficial because of the price, quality excellent, but receives the general artistic amateur and dealer's favor, we in line with promote the folk craft objective, diligently, already had become unceasingly the Baoji folk craft lead armed forces and leads. We provide the folk arts and crafts all make the superior high-quality goods for the folk entertainer, the modelling unique, choose the material to be elegant, the manufacture is exquisite, many are folk arts and crafts representative the work, has the appreciation, the collection value extremely. The cordially welcome general museums, the general folk arts and crafts collector collect. Cordially welcome relates the cooperation with us, may also the incoming sample custom make.
Services : Gifts & Crafts, Other Gifts & Crafts, Office & School Supplies, Art Supplies, Sports & Entertainment, Musical Instrument, Transportation, Other Vehicles, Fengxiang clay sculpture, The cloth technique, Paper-cut, Mashao theatrical mask