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Address : 1, Baoji, Shanxi, China

Country : China

Mobile : 86-15877510850

Website : http://www.xinlianti.com/


Description : Baoji Titanium Industry Co., Ltd. Xin United States and new materials in high-tech industry base in China, "Gu "---- Baoji Titanium. Titanium Metals Corporation is a rare metal such as the development, production and processing enterprises mainly scientific and technological innovation. Our main products are: titanium bar, titanium wire, titanium screw, titanium standard parts, titanium target, titanium flange, all titanium machining parts, titanium plate, titanium tube, elbow, titanium equipment. The products are widely used in petrochemical, electrolytic plating, mechanical ships, desalination, sporting goods, handicrafts and other fields of titanium. The company has CNC lathes, sawing, planing, punching machine, boring machine, milling machine, CNC machine tools and other machining equipment. Through several years of accumulation and development, Xin together people always quality-oriented, focusing on technology and equipment synchronized. Technology companies in strict accordance with national standards, international standards and industry standards, while focusing on technical aspects of personnel training and the introduction. To meet the diverse needs of domestic and foreign customers, the company growing equipment. Now has a complete machining process more productive, to meet different user requirements on the machining parts. Company is currently actively into the ISO9001: 2000 quality management system, the company set up in accordance with ISO standards from raw material purchasing, production of various processes, inspection, product delivery, sale of the entire process of operational procedures, and strictly in accordance with standards implementation in order to achieve to ensure quality while also won the customer's approval. Xin associated person will be "honest and trustworthy self-improvement to ensure the quality of the best" as quality policy, to adopt and mutually beneficial cooperation between domestic and foreign customers, while satisfying customer demand and customer co-development
Services : titanium machining parts