86-0768-6934950 / Kaies Sanitaryware(China)CO.LTD.

Phone : 86-0768-6934950

Company : Kaies Sanitaryware(China)CO.LTD.

Address : Fengyi Development Zone ,Guxiang Town, Chaozhou, Guangdong, China

Country : China

City : Shantou

Postcode : 515647

Fax : 86-0768-6934676

Mobile : 0086-15913082689

Website : http://www.kaies.cn


Description : Kaies, as an Italian well-known brand in sanitary ware, was registered in 2001 in China, and a factory was set up in Chaozhou, Guangdong, China. With about 6 years' hard work, we have been growing up to be a large-scale enterprise, integrating product research, manufacturing, marketing and service. Our main products include Suite Series,toilet Series,Pedestal basin series,art basin,counter basin series ,urinal ,bathtub series,shower room series,faucet and fitting series etc.which are not only with elegant designs, but also well-equipped, safe and comfortable to use. Following American and European standards and with advanced equipments, we create products of individuation, quiet, water-saving, and environmental protection.
Industry :
  • Construction & Real Estate
  •    ∟ Bathroom & Kitchen Fixtures & Fittings
  •      ∟ Shower Rooms
  •      ∟ Shower Sets
  •      ∟ Toilets

Services : ceramic basins, toilet, faucet, bathtub, shower room, sanitary ware, urinal, fitting

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Kaies Sanitaryware(China)CO.LTD., China | Phone 86-0768-6934950

Company Lookup Kaies Sanitaryware(China)CO.LTD., China, Address: Fengyi Development Zone, Guxiang Town, Chaozhou, Guangdong, (Zip/Postal:515647) China, View more details.

86-0768-6934950 / 8607686934950 Kaies Sanitaryware(China)CO.LTD.

86-0768-6934950 - Kaies Sanitaryware(China)CO.LTD., China, The Company / Business Services Phone Number Reverse Lookup 8607686934950.

Kaies Sanitaryware(China)CO.LTD., China | Phone 86-0768-6934950 - TradeHelps.com

Kaies Sanitaryware(China)CO.LTD. , Company Products(Services): ceramic basins, toilet, faucet, bathtub, shower room, sanitary ware, urinal, fitting, View more details...

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