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Description : Shenzhen Seabreeze Smart Card Technology Co.,Ltd.is one specialized is engaged in the development and production of smart card and electronic tag, sales of enterprises, many years of technology accumulation, can satisfy the needs of customers of different industries, according to the need to create special and personalized products. Produce and sell all kinds of contact type IC and non-contact IC card, card M1 (mifare 0ne S50, S70 series), ID card (EM4200, 4102 standard card, TK4100 series, Temic (5567, 5577 series), special-shaped CARDS (key buckles, ABS coin card, watches, hidden card) as well as a variety of ordinary PVC data card (prepaid phone CARDS, game CARDS, paper CARDS, magnetic stripe CARDS, barcode CARDS, VIP CARDS, membership CARDS, entrance card, attendance card, transparent card, metal card, clothing tags, etc all kinds of different industries, different specifications, different thickness, different plastic PVC card. Production NXP, Atmel, Impinj, Alien Higgs Series Tags: NFC tag , anti- metal tag , library labels, fragile labels , etc., based on the development and production of smart IC / ID card read-write equipment. The company in order to adapt to the new environmental regulations of the eu's upcoming also according to the market demand, development and production of PP, PS, PC, PET, such as environmental protection material of RFID products. The products are widely used in telecommunications, finance, postal, transportation, commerce, medical care, education, and many other industries. Has been produced in accordance with international standards (ISO781X series) PVC smart card products to domestic and foreign data.
Seabreeze Smart Card company production technology mature and stable, reliable quality, quick delivery, ensure that for the majority of users with high-quality products, strict control of semi-finished products Users, the waste crushing processing in time, safeguarding legitimate rights and interests. The company with various types, high quality, affordable price, convenient delivery, perfect after-sales service to win the broad market, the general user support and recognition!
Seabreeze Smart Card, your wise choice !

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Services : Rfid Smart Card, Ic/Id Cards, Rfid Tags, Label, Key Chin
Services : rfid smart card, ic/id cards, rfid tags, label, key chin