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Description : ShenZhen ShenKaiAn Technology Co., LTD, founded in 2008, the specialty is engaged in the international leading sensor application of hardware, software, and the relevant system design, service, and sales and service professional system solutions provider, with many colleges and universities at home and a number of research institutes to establish a long-term close technical cooperation relations, and with many foreign companies to establish long-term strategic partnership. Over the years, saint cairn technology co., LTD. Shenzhen city with the synchronization of the international advanced level, and international service brand "as the goal, take the path of international cooperation, independent development and continuously introduced advanced international sensor application solutions. Company introduces international sensors and form a complete set of solutions is now widely used in automotive electronic, aviation, sailing power locomotive, medical equipment, communications equipment, electric power, petrochemical industry, atmospheric environment, water quality monitoring control and other industries, in recent years continued to maintain the leading position the Chinese market, excellent products, form a complete set of scheme complete won the high praise and trust of customers at home and abroad, at the same time has become many international famous brand companies in China's outstanding partners. Experienced design team: our company has a group of outstanding sensor application development engineers, product modeling designers, structural engineers, so we can provide a full range sensor application development design, product overall modelling design, structural design services: 1: gas product research and development: provide the combustible gas sensors, electrochemical toxic gas sensors, electrochemical oxygen sensors, organic volatile (VOC) sensors, the application of CO2 infrared sensor development; 2: meteorological product research and development: provide illumination, atmospheric pressure sensor, rain sensors series sensor application development. Three: humidity product research and development: provide a temperature sensor, humidity sensor and digital temperature and humidity sensor application development, mode of output: 4-20 ma output current, 0 to 5 v voltage output, RS485 network, USB output; At the same time, we have a standard PC application control system, if the customer need, we can according to customers' application requirements, modified! 4: product modeling design, may according to customer demand, to provide overall modelling design and structure design of products, so customers don't need any technical engineers, product ID design engineers and structural engineers, we can provide products complete supporting services. Five: the pressure sensor and transmitter six: agent of foreign advanced air quality and dust sensors. Complete test experimental conditions: shenzhen st cairn technology co., LTD has complete high and low temperature laboratory, pressure testing lab, impact vibration lab, gas calibration laboratory and so on room test room; All sensor matching scheme of development according to the strict test of each link, and the final plan are 100% function test, high temperature and high and low temperature aging test, repeat the calibration test, stress test, humidity, temperature compensation, compensation, flow compensation testing, electromagnetic interference test, impact shock test, drop test, etc. The reliability of the test, to ensure that the product has long-term stability under the bad environment can work, thus guarantees to provide clients with the most reliable matching scheme as a whole. Depth of clients: customer success is our success. Shenzhen SAN cairn technology co., LTD. Not only provides the high quality sensors, provide more perfect service, to provide OEM and ODM solution; In addition we with component suppliers, metal structure processing factory, mold factory and product processing factory and so on the third party has established the strategic partnership, goal is to provide customers complete new product development of the solid service platform
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Services : Gas Sensor, Gas Detector, Gas Alarm, Water Quality Sensor
Services : gas sensor, gas detector, gas alarm, water quality sensor