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Description : Shenzhen broad integrated electronics co., LTD., is a well-known printed circuit board factory, circuit board factory in shenzhen, a high precision circuit board, circuit board factory, circuit board production, impedance circuit boards, PCB/FPC manufacturer in shenzhen, as a powerful PCB factory in shenzhen, we wholeheartedly for the new and old customers to provide quality PCB production services. We always adhere to the strict production requirements of the customer, make customer satisfaction products. Company's existing staff of more than 600 people, is a quite a reputation in the industry of PCB factory in shenzhen, our company production of double-sided PCB/FPC PCB, multilayer circuit boards and flexible circuit board products ISO9001:2008 system certification and UL certification, at the same time also has a large number of experienced technical and management talent, specifically responsible for the problem in the production, quality control, and the corresponding after-sales service work. And all the employees through professional training, strict attention to every details production process and production process control, to achieve high efficiency and energy saving, and make the quality of our products always meet customer standard, thus obtained the consensus of most customers for our products. Our products include: high precision double/laminated (2 ~ 20 layers), high Tg thick gold-plated copper foil board, hot air leveling, the whole board, plug electric gold, coated with teflon dragon, such as PCB, in addition to produce hard back, PCMCIA and half orifice, special material plate, such as ceramic plate, ptfe high frequency board, metal substrate, medium board, HDI board, and a variety of customized special circuit boards. Company products are widely used in communications, computer, power supply, digital, industrial control, science and education development, automotive, aerospace and other high-tech fields.
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Services : fpcb