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Company : Shenzhen TBS Technology

Address : shenzhen Shenzhen, Guangdong

Country : China

Website : www.mu-wifi.com


Description : In 2013, Shenzhen TBS Technology Co., Ltd. is mainly composed of a long career engineers in the us tech company, headquartered in China Shenzhen, dedicated to creating high-end intelligent network-connected devices based on mobile internet, while providing mobile device applications customized services to expand equipment applicability.From the perspective of our mobile Internet applications, focusing on the development of our equipment and services. We will continue to innovate the technology used in mobile Internet, helping people communicate better, increasing applicability, value, and current and future interoperability. Supporting this approach, we have created the world's first intelligent mobile Internet router, users will therefore be able to connect mobile devices much more than a conventional wireless network equipment, but also PCIE and ports with a higher data transfer speed than exsited high-end wifi router, ultra high-speed connection and multi-user wireless connectivity in one; more mobile applications are constantly being developed. In order to increase the applicability of the device.
Services : Computer Hardware & Software, Modems, Computer Hardware & Software, Routers, Service Equipment, Advertising Equipment, Telecommunications, Antenna, Telecommunications, Wireless Networking Equipment, Consumer Electronics, Chargers, wireless networking equipment, 4g routers, bus wifi routers