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Description : Is the east wind automobile group special-purpose vehicle reequips thebase along with the state city day abundant special-purpose automobilelimited company to specially sell the enterprise. The company islocated east of Xiangfan Wuhan northeast's township of - HubeiProvince chime along with the state city. Is apart from the provincialcapital Wuhan 186 kilometers, the highway, the railway communicationis convenient. The company main product for adds (transports) the oil car series, thebotanical garden afforests (water spray) the vehicle series, theenvironmental sanitation (trash transportation vehicle, attracts dungcart) the vehicle series, the dump truck series, the theater box type(warehouse grid) the transport vehicle series, the semitrailer seriesand so on more than 130 special-purpose automobiles products,meanwhile provides each kind of model the entire vehicle and thespecial-purpose vehicle fitting. Our service objective is: To the quality strives for the survival,depends on the prestige to develop the market, to honestly treatspeople, ÖÊÓżÛÁ®, is fastidious the efficiency. We pledged that, Whatever belongs this company to reequip sales theproduct, implements three packages of services, the post-sale service48 hours arrive processing, the lifelong service. Is willing along with the state city day abundant special-purposeautomobile to use up at your service, welcome presence and your helpor friendship.
The automobile reequips the sale
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