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Description : Shisha flavor Wholesaler, the Branch of Shanghai Ruisan Import and Export Corporation, is mainly engaged in hookah, namely shisha, hookah tobacco, hookah accessories, coal, disposable holders, aluminum foil. Arab has developed hookah to an extreme degree.It�s a kind of enjoy for both male or female to be joyful.Nowadays, it�s even popular in Europe and the United States. We have profuse designs with high quality grade.There is a large variety of the hookah material�made of metal, resin, zinc alloy, and also copper.Hookah is so popular in bar now, and it�s also the best choise as gift.There are dozens of fruit flavors, it�s nicotine content is just 0.05%, tar content is 0. Pumping smoke has become an excellent way to spend time in today 's fashion crowd.Our factory has built two Wholesale outlets of foreign trade in Yiwu City.They are JGR hookah Wholesale outlets &Shisha Flavor Wholesale outlets, we also has branch company in Shenyang City. Enjoyed a high reputation in domestic and foreign markets, we will launch new design hookah constantly, to inheritance of fruit tobacco.Nowadays, we imported dozens of pure copper shisha made by hand in Egypt, and we have hundreds of zinc alloy styles hookah and imported hookah tobacco from Dubai.Welcome to order. Hookah in the Arab countries called " Warner Gill ( NARGILE ) , in the United Kingdom and the United States is called " Oh ( Hookah ) , while in Europe was called " Shisha�, shisha is is now commonly used.In China, it was called hookah. May be due to it was from the Arab countries , and hookah is not common used in China. Nor traditional forms of Chinese bamboo hookah. In fact , hookah tobacco is a kind of herbal fruit wire. A variety of flavors of apples, strawberries, banana, lemon , grape , pineapple , mint , other fruits and to Bacco. Arab shisha tobacco, the main ingredient is the dry fruits and meat, licorice , honey. Substantially free of nicotine , no tar. Also has a rich fruit flavor. It was considered as an elegant and refined , health , health consumer fashion. Sought after for many of the fashionable men and women who do not smoke. Today, many countries in Europe and America.It is considered to be the elements of fashion in many countries of Europe and America, it�s so popular now. Hookah is a small investment, but quick project. The hookah characteristics for local sales in the restaurant, the bar, western restaurant , hotel , cafes , KTV. Hookah is the mixture of honey and fruit.First put the hookah tobacco into the top of the hookah , namely the tobacco bowl. Through the long hose of water pipe smoking. You can play chess or do something else while enjoy Hookah.You could enjoy one hookah pot more than one hour.Nowadays, hookah is so popular, Hookah market in China is constantly growing.Also appeared so many brands of hookah tobacco. Among the shisha brands. Fruit tobacco adhering to the "fashion, health , noble, elegant , " as the purpose.More and more people is falling in love with it.
Locality : zhejiang province
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Services : Hookah, Shisha, Hookah Tobacco, Hookah Flavor, Hookah Pipe, Hookah Charcoal, Hookah Coal, Hookah Aluminium Foil, Hookah Disposable Mouth Tips, Other Hookah Accessories
Services : hookah, shisha, hookah tobacco, hookah flavor, hookah pipe, hookah charcoal, hookah coal, hookah aluminium foil, hookah disposable mouth tips, other hookah accessories