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Description : Shandong Joint yuanda titanium co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise that specialized in titanium, nickel with its alloys metal material processing and special pressure vessel Manufacturing. Over our 15 years, supplying the aerospace,Chemical, Petro-Chemical, Oil & Gas, Refinery, Heat Exchanger, Automotive ,Architectural and Navy & Marine markets,we have established a reputation for Excellent Quality,Responsiveness, Service and Timely delivery. We are ISO 9001:2008 certified to guarantee both our quality systems and quality products. A wide variety of certified measuring and Testing devices at all stages to ensure conformance to all applicable quality standards. Subsidiary Company Named Shandong Taipu special equipment manufacturing co.,Ltd Has had qualification of D Ⅰ, D II class of pressure vessel in oil, Now Become one of designed supplier for SINPEC(The world 500 top).
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Services : Titanium Tube,Titanium Bar
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