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Company : ShanDong Yinuo Chemical Limited by Share Ltd

Address : Linyi Economic Development Zone on the west side of South Road, hand expedition Dezhou, Shandong

Country : China

Fax : 8-0534-4263555

Website : www.dzjinnuo.com


Description : Linyi Yi-Nuo fine chemical company limited, located in Linyi County, Shandong Province development zone, covers an area of 89,000 sqm, is a private enterprise with utilization of oilfield associated gas resources as raw materials for the production of fine chemicals. This company was established in May 2007, now has total assets of CNY 80 million, is combined with goods production and transportation delivery, and is an unique private enterprise in the field of oil?s fine chemicals in the Northwest of Shandong provinc. This company mainly possesses products of isobutane, n-butane, pentane, propane and other chemical products.Linyi Yi-Nuo fine chemical company limited is near Company of shengli oil, which leads to a certain degree of advantage on the guarantee of raw materials. Now it has 30,000 tons/year of associated gas separation plant and 100,000 tons/year of hydrocarbon refrigerant unit; two storage tank areas with maximum storage of up to 6,000 tons. Yi-Nuo company has its own transport fleet, specializing in the transport of dangerous goods and distribution, there are transport vehicles of more than 30. Products are mainly used in fields of aerosol, foam cutting agents, industrial gas, light industries such as gas, hydrocarbon refrigerants and etc. In particular, propane and isobutane with high product purity, No sulfured and good stability, are important component of production of hydrocarbon refrigerants, which has broad sales market and magnificent prospects for development.
Services : Chemicals, Alkene, Chemicals, Alkyl, Energy, Natural Gas, Energy, Petrochemical Products, Refrigerant, propane, butane, industrial gas, hydrocarbon refrigerant, R600A, R290