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Company : Shandong Huayuan New Energy Co., Ltd

Address : RD587, dezhou, Shandong, China

Country : China

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Description : Huayuan new energy project Company. is speciality on the research and application spread of the new energy technology. The company?s headquarters is located on the solar village, Dezhou, which is named as china solar city? by the nation, xxxxx company has several subsidiaries with Huayuan New Energy Application Technology Institute, solar energy building unification spread centre, solar products(equipments)exchange centre(arrange), the branch of solar energy swimming pool, the branch of solar mid-high tech(solar trough system)etc. The company gives priority to the research, attaches most importance to the application spread. We united with correlation college and institute to work on the solar energy, wind power, biological energy and other new energy. Specially we have many patents and resources on solar mid-high applicants tech on industry, solar energy swimming pool and bathroom tech, solar forcing house tech and solar-biologic integration tech, solar PV\heating high-powered material tech, etc. Especially on the construt of these new energy application project. We received tenet of ?share the resource and reciprocate the advantage?. We united correlation institute and apply ourselves to spread the market, created the manufacture base on Haining, Zhejiang province and Changping united proving ground on Beijing. The company is combined with a group of personal who are speciality on research and spread of new energy. Chairman Mrs.Wang Xiaolan has devote into new energy industry for several years. She always fall over herself for the environment protect and commonweal. She is the founder-member of the ?solar energy industry network?, ?china solar energy PV(photovoltaic)network? etc.
Locality : Dezhou
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Services : Solar Mid-High Tech , Solar Marsh-Gas, Etc. The Construt Of These Application Project
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Services : solar hot water heater , solar pv light system, solar biogas, solar hoiler