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Description : Qingdao Unique Products Develop Co., Ltd is the leading company of Chinese 3d printing industry. With more than ten years of rich experience in R&D industrial and medical special printing devices, Qingdao Unique is dedicating to the research and application of 3d printing technology in frontier biological and digital medical fields. In the year of 2014, Qingdao Unique is awarded the frontier biotechnological major project of National High-Tech R&D Program (863 Program) and the 3d printing medical application major special project of Shandong Province. Qingdao Unique has successfully self-researched and developed the China’s first 3d bio-printer with multi-nozzles for living cells and biological scaffolds as well as the first multicolor 3d soft model printer of high precision for surgery simulation in Asia. Qingdao Unique has been successively honored as "New High-tech Industry Enterprise", "National Enterprises and Institutions Pilot Unit of IPR", "Star Enterprise for Patent in Shandong Province", and Council Member of China 3D Printing Technology Industry Alliance etc.; Qingdao Unique has established Academician experts workstation for 3D printing application in biological fields, R&D center, biomaterial Lab, 3d printing nozzles test Lab, 3d printing consumables Lab etc. Qingdao Unique is striving for the revitalization of Chinese 3d printing medical industry with its vision of “becoming the world’s leading service provider of 3d printing application solutions in biomedical fields” and its mission of “cure any disease in the world”!
Services : 3d printer, 3d scanner, 2d printer, filaments