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Phone : 86-0531-85887567

Company : FriendlyARM Computer Technology Co., Limited

Address : nanquanfu, Jinan, Shandong, China

Country : China

Postcode : 250100

Fax : 86-0531-85887567

Mobile : 86-13905467280


Description : We are a specialized electronic product provider in China, with independent development and productivity. We can offer product development and manufacture services quickly. We have rich stock of products.
Our company is engaged in the manufacture and trade of a wide range of electronic products, such as digital cameras, radios, laser pointers, flashing tubes, electric toys and electronic health products.
We have an efficient management system,a spacious workshop,advanced manufacturing equipment and a first-class R&D team that assist us in achieving our targets. Our major export markets include Europe,Southeast Asia, South America and the Middle East.As a result of our quality products and thoughtful services,our customers trust us and are willing to offer us their orders.
We sincerely welcome all questions or inquiries and look forward to hearing from you soon.
Locality : Guangzhou
Category : Business Type:Manufacturing
Services : Mini2440, Mini2416.Mini2451, Mini6410, Mini210, Mini210s, Tiny6410, Tiny210, Tiny2416, Tiny2451, Smart210, Micro2440, Tiny4412, Supper4412, Arm9, Arm11, Cortex-A8, S3c2416, S3c2440, S3c6410, S3c2451, S5pv210, Exynos4412, Cortex-A9
Services : mini2440, mini2416.mini2451, mini6410, mini210, mini210s, tiny6410, tiny210, tiny2416, tiny2451, smart210, micro2440, tiny4412, supper4412, arm9, arm11, cortex-a8, s3c2416, s3c2440, s3c6410, s3c2451, s5pv210, exynos4412, cortex-a9