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Description : Zhongheng weighing apparatus (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. to flawless quality pleasing to the user is the development strategy of Zhong Heng company has consistently adhere to the. As early as 1991 Zhongheng has been the establishment of the Taiwan company, and in 2000 in Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, established the company Zhongheng weighing apparatus (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., to production, sales of all types of industrial, commercial scales and weighing systems products. Thus, Zhongheng company actively introduce the modern enterprise management ideas and methods, to promote the resource plan system and customer relationship system in the realization of computer aided design, based on customer demand response quickly. Then to a better, more comprehensive product range to provide high quality services to industrial and commercial users, the secondary technical level and production scale of the company are in the leading position among the constant. 为了适应市场满足用户的需求,在短短的四年里,仲恒公司先后成立了闵行(上海)分公司,太仓分公司,昆山分公司,吴江分公司萧山(杭州)分公司,无锡分公司苏州分公司等七个销售服务网点。目前,仲恒公司已拥有一支集研发,生产,销售和售后服务于一体的庞大队伍。所有仲恒人正以其特有的仲恒精神仲恒四海,万事皆准,凭精良的产品和周到的服务完美诠释着令顾客秤心如意的承诺,使这支队伍不断壮大。 In order to adapt to the market to meet the needs of users, in a short span of four years, Zhongheng company has set up in Minhang (Shanghai) branch, Taicang branch, Kunshan branch, Wujiang branch (Hangzhou) Xiaoshan branch, Wuxi branch and Suzhou branch of seven sales and service outlets. At present, Zhongheng company has set a research and development, production, sales and after-sales service in one of the large team. All secondary Hengren in its own Zhongheng Zhongheng universal spirit, everything is accurate, with good products and good service perfect interpretation makes the customer scale wishful heart commitment, so that the team is constantly growing.
Category : Business Type:Manufacturing
Services : Filling Machine, Check Weighing Machine, Batching System
Services : filling machine, check weighing machine, batching system