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Description : Nuclear 857 plant under the China National Nuclear Corporation, was established in the early 60’s large state-owned (1) enterprises, state enterprises. According to the document in 2003 restructuring and establishment of the Chengdu New Materials Co.,Ltd.Nuclear 857,technology research and development ,production, trade as one of the enterprises.
Metallurgy Division of the Company series of nickel carbonyl powder, iron powder, ultrafine cobalt powder, chromium powder, nickel –clad aluminum and other metal powder and alloy powder, excellent quality, quality and stability. Over the years, the nuclear industry, weapons, aerospace, domestic large-scale carbide, powder metallurgy and other industries and many private enterprises to provide a quality service, becoming an indispensable partner.
The company believes in quality and service both the strategy and invited for the spirit of the principles of conflict e salamander Liao, continue to integrate their trade advantage, as more companies with purchase and industrial products matching the imported raw material, multi-level, meet customer needs!
We are guided by the principle of common development and look forward to cooperation with your enterprise!

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Services : metal powder