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Company : Sichuan Longtime Lemon Development Co., Ltd

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Country : China

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Description : Sichuan Longtime Lemon Development Co., Ltd ,located in Anyue County honored as Pearl of Eastern Sichuan, is an integration leading modernized agriculture company that specialized in lemon planting,purchasing,commercial processing, preliminary and deep processing,storage,logistics,packing,import and export.The company gets rapid development this year among lemon industry because of professional standards and proven technique,and the company plays a promoting role in Anyue lemons distribution,processing,and export, that makes a positive contribution to fasten Anyue lemons industrialization.

Aiming at promoting market competitiveness , the company sets up six centers:purchasing center, production center, technical center, marketing center, financial center, administrative personnel center, and every centers operation moves around marketing center. The company has its own export right that the export ability reach up to 8000 ton per year;in addition,the company adopts O2O model to operate.
Before 2017, with the model of purchasing,holding,cooperating,etc,the company will finish deploying the marketing strategy planning about Build 100 Electricity Departments Plan.Both in Anyue lemons purchasing and selling scale, and in the advanced production equipment as well as the brand reputation, the company is in a leading position among domestic insiders,which makes the company enjoys a certain reputation.
Besides,the company pays much attention to cultivate person with ability; till now,the company cultivates plenty of lemon industry talents that play a positive movement role in Anyue lemons planting,processing and exporting .So far, the company has already gone on a fast lane with sustainable development and industrial promotion,and marched into a development phase with capital,scale,and brand benefits.
As for futures development, the company will firm the spirit and belief of people first and self-improvement;as for consolidating and enlarging lemon industrialization operation,the company would like to play Longtimes national brand effect ;to bring along the development of related industries; to make lemon industry bigger and stronger.
The freezer is divided into cold chain storage and ventilated warehouse.The construction area of ventilated warehouse is 24M×23.7M=568.8M2.The cold chain storage, with 29.5M×23.7M=699.15M2 construction area,with above 1000 tons inventory,with more than 100 tons volume per day, is standard constructed according to GB50072-2010 design,and applies to the newest cold chain equipment and technology of Qingdao Haier-carrier Refrigeration Co., Ltd.We are trying our best to build Longtime lemon the demonstration processing base of Anyue fresh lemon.

Locality : Anyue
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Services : Fresh Lemon, Lime
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