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Description : The Group of China and China by the Chongqing Municipal Administration of Industry and Commerce, the Chongqing Municipal Property transaction management office has approved the establishment of an independent legal person status and domestic joint ventures. Companies registered capital of 10 million yuan. The purpose of the service is to respond to the government's strategic plan through to investment advisory, property rights transactions, the capital-based business activities, promote interregional assets, cross-sectoral, cross-sectoral and cross-ownership of mobile and reorganization of assets to enhance the level of energy and efficiency. To implement the strategic adjustment of economic structure and the overall invigoration of state economy and promote the development of market economy services. For enterprises to make plans to help enterprises adapt to enter the WTO enterprises to survive the new environment. The company's main task is to deal with different kinds of individuals, corporations, professional banks, commercial banks, financial asset management companies of various effective property rights, non-performing assets. And to provide specialized and comprehensive asset management services. These companies will be property rights, the non-performing assets of scientific classification, the company will learn from the international experience, with domestic and foreign professionals, and is closely linked to China's reality, and looking for the optimal asset disposal program. On this basis, the company will sell the integrated use of replacement, leasing, asset reorganization, into shares, and other methods of property rights, bad for effective disposal of assets; Right debtor management consulting, mergers and acquisitions and the separation of reorganization, other services; Inside and outside investors to sell debt , property rights, to enable customers to maximize the recovery of assets! Investment
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